Metal Gear Solid STS's 2

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Thanks for front page!

Well this is the begingin of MGS: STS 2. The second half is still being finished.
The reason for this was because the file ended up being over 5 megs so i decided to split it into two parts.
It's taken the better part of about two months to make this.

All the chracters voices a side from Psycho Mantis is done by diffrent voice actors and NOT ME this time.

Again i AM playing a male character in this so please don't say that Psycho Mantis sounds like a 7 year old. Let me remind you I'M A GIRL!!!

((And no i did not get the coconut idea from VG cats.
The actor who is singing sent a recording of him singing that song and my editor thouth that it would be funny to add it in.)))

Any way i hope you enloy the movie.


Gotten better.

It's noticably better than the first, good job for that. It's nice to see you've found voice actors as well.

I never thought of that really....

If indeed Mantis could read his EVERY thought, why didn't he just read minds of important people and blackmail them!!! He'd make a killing! Very good movie too. :)

Three words...

This flash rocked

i have one thing to say....BRILLIANT!

i loved this one. The first one wasn't as good. But this second one was awesome. I laughed throughout the whole thing...i'm gonna go sing "i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" now...

just horible.....

that rly sucks

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Jun 18, 2005
7:02 PM EDT
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