Metal Gear Solid STS's 2

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Thanks for front page!

Well this is the begingin of MGS: STS 2. The second half is still being finished.
The reason for this was because the file ended up being over 5 megs so i decided to split it into two parts.
It's taken the better part of about two months to make this.

All the chracters voices a side from Psycho Mantis is done by diffrent voice actors and NOT ME this time.

Again i AM playing a male character in this so please don't say that Psycho Mantis sounds like a 7 year old. Let me remind you I'M A GIRL!!!

((And no i did not get the coconut idea from VG cats.
The actor who is singing sent a recording of him singing that song and my editor thouth that it would be funny to add it in.)))

Any way i hope you enloy the movie.


Give you self some credit

it was pretty good, its was kinda funny


That was extremely weird, so thus I liked it. Not the best I have seen, but I definately did like it.

nice graphX and everything...

but you're not with the humor, have someone else write your humor in your movies cuz you're just not with it much, but the part where he's saying his thoughts was a little funny, otherwise not funny

Tough call...

Well, at first i didn't really like it to much. I mean, sounds like the mic was turned up a little to loud on the coconut commercial, and frankly the first part was just... boring. But when he starts tossing furniture at Mantis! LOL "I ran out of ammo" that had me rolling, and looking forward to watching the next one. Gratz on front page.


mainly it wassnt any new or good

the Graphics were exelent, but the humor wasnt there
The random screen, that was absolute nonsense

All the way trough I was borred, until the part after ''Iran out of ammo'', that actually cracked me up :)

It needs some work here and there, more humor, hope part 2 wil cheer things up :)

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3.71 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2005
7:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody