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I've seen quite a few reviews of people asking me where I got the song from. I feel this is clearly a pointless question. I can't direct you to any MP3 site where you can download it because I don't download music, and Newgrounds would forbid from doing so. If you really must know where I got it from, a friend just gave me a CD in school way back in 2004 with a compilation of tracks on it. I just picked this one out and used it.

***** UPDATE (26/11/06) *****
I would like to thank all the fans and everyone else who enjoyed this music video, and I hope I'll be able to raise the standards much higher with what I have in store next. From what I'm looking at now, the user rating by votes for this movie is 4.07. You might be surprised to hear this from a Flash author, but I think that's over the top for a movie like this. I feel that fanboyism could have an inflence on the score, but I'm not denying that some people genuinely enjoyed this movie . I'm not exactly asking for the score to be lowered either, because I do like the publicity that deservedly comes out of the hardwork I did. I just want people to know I am modest about it, and that this movie in comparison to others on NG is not a shimmering diamond. I hope that negates any preconceived idea that I'm a hardcore sprite guy who whores out his own movies. Also, on that subject, the next music video will most likely be my last sprite movie, thereafter I plan to venture into the more original design of Flash movies.



wow. how have i never come across this? this is the best sprite music video i've ever seen. this is fucking awesome. 5.


oh yea!!! break dance knuckles!!!

Usually these suck but....

Making music videos with songs that some people dislike but with sprites and things is just awesome, I myself wasn't keen on the song but you made it better by doing this music video, it was awesome, and they didn't just dance either. Make more, that'll be cool, not sure what song I 'd suggest though. But honestly I don't mind what song you'd put, even if it is one I don't really like. Good job!

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Liquid-Phoenix responds:

Thanks, I'm gratified that some people like you understand that just because the song in a music video isn't good doesn't mean that the music video sucks overall. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie :)

Dump the non-game sprites...

This video is fantastic, for the most part...

Graphics: 9/10. Excellent. You lost a mark because some of the sprites kept dancing after the music ended. Indeed, those sprites (Beeves and Buthead and so fourth) seemed out of place to begin with. VG characters like Mario and Link would have been better.

Other than that though, the editing of the sprites was fantastic and they looked amazing on screen. Nice work.

Style: 9/10. Excellent. Again, mark lost because of the out of place sprites. Aside from that, superb. The package is solid and there don't seem to be any bugs or other issues. Good work...

Sound: 10/10. Superb. While some don't like the music, I think it sounds great and is lip synched with the sprites quite well. You also made clever use of a few other sounds, like some of the effects from the original Sonic video games. Good work...

Violence. 0/10. No violence. None to speak of...

Interactivity: 10/10. Superb. The reason I give 10/10 here is that, while there isn't much actual clicking to do, the end menu is laid out well, clear and provides useful links. Nice job.

Humor: 5/10. Somewhat humorous. While it was more cool than funny, some of the aspects, like the DJ Eggman, were undeniably amusing

Overall: 10/10. Superb. Despite my personal distaste for the non-Sonic sprites you used, This is a great music video. It's well thought out, nicely put together and undeniably cool. Well done...

I would recommend this video to anyone who doesn't mind 'Floorfiller'.

Cool man

this flash is great its music is good to but did you have to put toejam,earl, and bevis and butthead? because they suck donkey balls dude and can I put this flash on my site?

Liquid-Phoenix responds:

I included those characters because I loved playing the related video games when I was a kid, but meh, each to their own right??

Anyway, I haven't made this downloadable yet, and I don't know when I'll bother to do that either. You can link to it from NG via your website if you want to though, as long as you don't claim it as your own when crediting it.

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Jun 17, 2005
10:49 PM EDT
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