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Jun 17, 2005 | 10:49 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I've seen quite a few reviews of people asking me where I got the song from. I feel this is clearly a pointless question. I can't direct you to any MP3 site where you can download it because I don't download music, and Newgrounds would forbid from doing so. If you really must know where I got it from, a friend just gave me a CD in school way back in 2004 with a compilation of tracks on it. I just picked this one out and used it.

***** UPDATE (26/11/06) *****
I would like to thank all the fans and everyone else who enjoyed this music video, and I hope I'll be able to raise the standards much higher with what I have in store next. From what I'm looking at now, the user rating by votes for this movie is 4.07. You might be surprised to hear this from a Flash author, but I think that's over the top for a movie like this. I feel that fanboyism could have an inflence on the score, but I'm not denying that some people genuinely enjoyed this movie . I'm not exactly asking for the score to be lowered either, because I do like the publicity that deservedly comes out of the hardwork I did. I just want people to know I am modest about it, and that this movie in comparison to others on NG is not a shimmering diamond. I hope that negates any preconceived idea that I'm a hardcore sprite guy who whores out his own movies. Also, on that subject, the next music video will most likely be my last sprite movie, thereafter I plan to venture into the more original design of Flash movies.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Dang that was catchy! And the dancing was spectacular for sprites! I actually Forgot I was just watching a flash movie for a while there! I'm impressed. For what little there was to work with, a whole lot came out of this! The Death Egg spotlights were a great effect too, and I absolutely LOVED how robotnik was actually using REAL sonic the hedge hog props as part of his drum set ^_^ Complete with their sounds! Bravo!

Liquid-Phoenix responds:

Thanks! Not many people have complimented me on the Robotnik drum set idea.

Admittedly, I suppose I didn't have much to work with initailly, but as I went onwards I realised that using the limited items I had to work with proved effective. I'm very grateful that you saw it in that perspective though, so once again thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the movie :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good!

Not bad at all! I love that song. How did you know I liked that song? Reveal your secrets! Just kidding. :P Anyways, nice flash! *By the way, you have now been added to my favorite authors list.*

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Liquid-Phoenix responds:

Thanks pal :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars


you have more free time then me thats for sure..

great job! :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Okay, not too bad

The a-teens are pretty crappy though. Perhaps a better song. The sprite animation was cool and the camera cuts were cool as well. But the close ups look like ass. I realize your using sprites but just zooming in on the face and adding a mouth in a pixelatted piece of garbage is bad. You will probably make it through the portal but next time maybe just the sprites for the outside shots and animate some stuff when you get up close?

Liquid-Phoenix responds:

Thanks for the positive review. Although I should let you know that I'm not an A-Teens fan myself, I just used this song for the fun of the parody really.

As for the close ups, I respect your opinion, since some people don't appreciate the technique and some do. As for me, well I like using close-ups in sprite movies, but I try to lay off using too many of the extreme, exaggerated close ups though.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Groovin' to the Tunin'

Awesome choice in music, even if its preppy pop, I liked it. I also like the interaction with the lights, and the lip syncing wasnt bad either- only thing that bugged me is the zoom in of the sprites making them blocky and pixelated. Also the mouths were kinda odd looking and didnt go well. Other than those few problems, I really liked this.

Liquid-Phoenix responds:

Well, I can't help the graphical aspects on the sprites when they zoom up, but as for the blocky mouths that was my best attempt at making pixel lip synching correspond to the characters. Hopefully I should be able to improve on those aspects in the future to make them appear more natural and consistent though, thanks for watching and enjoying the movie :)