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*** Update*** 07/05/05
The rest of the spawning bugs should be gone now. You can change antialiasing quality by pressing Q, and an acid bath related bug was fixed as well. I gave one final push and I think everything's flushed out. Please send me an email (negativeone@newgrounds.
com) if you run into any more.

*** Update*** 06/21/05
I fixed the infamous level 1 boss bug. If anyone runs into it again, let me know, though I think it's gone altogether. Also fixed the faulty platform positioning in level 2, and a seldom-mentioned music bug.

*** Update*** 06/17/05 Thanks for all the feedback thus far. NegativeOne will be addressing some of the bugs you guys have run into, so do continue bringing it up as you encounter them. Your feedback is essential, thanks again.
Well what turned out to be a short quick little game ended up being almost half a years' worth of work.

I've always been interested in getting into the flash game scene, I just never had the right supporting cast. This is the first stab at it and with the actionscript powers of NegativeOne, I think this game meets my expetations.

I'm pretty pleased with it. It's not the most elaborate game, but I hope you get some form of entertainment out of it. Thanks to everyone for helping out with beta testing, the people responsible for the music, and the rest of you.. You know who you are. Ok, go play.


not too shabby

its a simple action platformer,
but still delievers entertainment.
the jumping mechanics did seem
a little rough around the edges,
it was either you were too short
of a jump or too long. this issue
especially came up in the 2nd
level with the 2nd set of saws
i think, it seem like i couldnt
quite make on it ever...possible
glitch or fault on my part?
otherwise it was fun while it
lasted, but not completely innovative
either. also the visuals were crisp too.
score: ***

Just fucking amazing

And I like the Ren and Stimpy font ! For some reason it made it look more proffesional. Super Duper

Great Game, but...

This was a really great game, but some of the spawn places are pretty screwed up, like the gap in the beginning of the second stage. I shouldn't come back to life over the same hole that killed me once.

Other than that nice, orginal game

Ouch.. nice game :)

Didn't even notice this was you guys.. well, it's an absolutely stunning game. Visuals are very sweet, good job Luis, and the programming/mechanics are very tight, amen NegativeONE.

But, I must inquire, no credit listed at all for me? Not even under Misc Support? Ouch... I guess the voices weren't that integral.. :(

Also, NegativeONE, I only encountered a few bugs (prob just freak occurences), but figured I'd list them for you.
1) One time the loader fully loaded, but nothing happened.. weird. No big deal though.
2) In the caverns, after falling down the big gap under the first blade, instead of warping to the previous land mass, I warped to a few ahead, a tall skinny one with the fat slug guy on it--though, I'm not really complaining on that one :)
3) And once falling down the same gap, I warped backwards to the caverns start, offscreen somewhere, and just kept dieing until all the lives were out.

Well, that was fun, good work!

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Luis responds:

Ech, sorry about that. I didn't even know who did the voices. The cutscenes were done completely outside of my intervention or view. I'll mention this to luis and we can have it added in the next update.
Regarding the bugs..
1) I have no idea how that could have happened. I can recheck the code, but I think that was a fluke. No one else has mentioned it happening.
2) Yeah, sometimes that'll happen when it finds something it doesn't like about the platforms behind the player, and defaults to one in front.
3) A common one. I lost the respawn system with the hard drive crash, making it one of the things that I had to impatiently rewrite. It didn't get the attention it should have, the second time around.


amazing graphics and all that good stuff. but on the first boss it reminded me of another game. have you ever played chuck rock on the super nintendo, becuase the trisaratops (or however you pwell it) does that exact same method of attack. well i was just wondering so yea. good game keep up the good work.

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3.97 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2005
8:24 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other