The Gerbil

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Hah, I just decided to do my first REAL flash movie and submit it. Don't be too harsh ;)


geez, lighten up a little guys!

Honestly, is it really THAT freaking bad? Personally, I found it so stupid that I'm laughing while I write this. Try watching it several time in a row and see if you still think it's the crappiest piece of crap that ever crapped.

Ok... I won't be too harsh.

Ok, Mr Moopy,
Here's a tip: BEFORE you make a movie get a REALLY good idea for one, now think of an even better idea, and then an even better idea, but don't submit any cause they'll all be stupid ideas...

(if I could rate the overall -10 i would do it)


Why does this have a 3.65? THIS SUCKS!!! I'm gonna vote 0 every day you stupid idiot.


Okay what the HEll was that all about.
That wasn't even cool This Sucks!

Christ'll rise just to get away from this shit...

I like to think of myself as neutral, but seeing how the "artist" has absolutely no talent at all and has the nerve to crictize many a great flash artists just to inflate his low self-esteem, I have no fuckin' choice but to dismiss his work as a pathetic effort. What did this slow-witted, hacker wanna-be do to get a 3.61/5.00 vote? I bet the fool repeatedly voted for himself on a span of several weeks just to get that ranking. That shows what a lifeless loser he is. I'm glad to have contributed to the long list of lousy votes on his cartoon. (By the way, the sicko's site sucks. No content. Shows how little intelligence he has. Or is it a she....?)

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3.89 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2001
7:37 PM EDT