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Its not original but every game website needs its own decent version of collapse...Thats why we made it!
It has got 25 levels everyone increases in difficulty. Level 25 goes on till you die.
Thanks for the 2nd place daily and the Homepage!
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Just your average collapse...

The graphics are good, and are definitely more interesting than squares, cubes, or smiley faces so you get points for that. Sound was good too. Overall, though I wasn't really impressed. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but with all the other collapse-esque games out there, it needs something to set it apart and make it better than the rest.

A few suggestions, first the game needs instructions. I know this game isn't rocket science but there's bound to be someone who has never played a version of collapse before and won't know what to do. Plus I had no idea what the purpose of the tiger-stripe eggs were. I just thought they were some kind of rare dinosaur that would take forever to get three side by side. I accidently clicked on one and figured it out. It's really just professional to include instructions.

And one last thing. When the game is tallying up the score and the number of empty spaces, it's a bit slow. Not slow enough that you can fall asleep, but slow enough to irritate. A bipass feature would be nice, or if it could just count faster so it would only take a few seconds.

Overall, a nice game worth playing if you have nothing to do.

Pretty Good

i like these kind of game, they're lots of fun and you can get a bunch of varieties and powerups and stuff

Addiciton on Dinosaurs

I like the puzzle game it's complete kickass man! You eliminate them easily. Nice game


I just liked it. I'm... I'm in love with this game.


Wasnt that bad of a game but it just like collapse. Only different are the little dinosaures which were cool.

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3.69 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2005
12:41 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other