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Its not original but every game website needs its own decent version of collapse...Thats why we made it!
It has got 25 levels everyone increases in difficulty. Level 25 goes on till you die.
Thanks for the 2nd place daily and the Homepage!
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I'm not very impressed. It's way too easy and the sounds are incredibly annoying.

I agree

Every game website needs it's one decent version collapse unfortunantly this isn't it , It was a nice try but it left to much to be expected, Not to mention nothing sets it apart from the thousands of other clones out there.

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it alright but ther are loads of games like dat good animation though ;D

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Fun, but...

Not quite as fun as I'd imagined - the instructions were useful and the gameplay was a little on the simplistic side. I'd have preferred more of a challenge, without the highlighter, to show me what can be selected if I mouse over it.

Definitely could have used a pause function, as without that, you can get kind of cramped after too many levels. I can understand the point of adding further dinosaurs to the game in the later levels, but shouldn't the eggs be different shapes, sizes and colours? I've played a similar game with Gems for the selection and that plays with you still being able to see what you'll get next line up.

With a few minor tweaks, this could be really good, as the gameplay is decent and it holds up well as a game in its own right.

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You really need a pause/ Save option

As i have stated above It really needs a save option

Otherwise a GREAT game but it does get a bit tidious when i want to chat to people or just take a break from it and you cant

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3.69 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2005
12:41 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other