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Chicken tunafish gopher?

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A loop with an experimental visual style and a very silly song.

In a general response to some of the reviews: Yes, I know it's a bit like 'badger badger badger'. It was originally going to be compiled from movie clips taken from The Matrix and O Brother Where Art Thou, but the clips just weren't working for me, so I recorded the words myself and made the animation to match it. It ended up in a similar place from a very different direction. There was no 'I'll copy that!' motivation. People have been making nonsense list-type songs for decades; just because Jonti made a famous one with badgers does that mean no-one else can do one?

Principally I made this to experiment with a visual style I've not tried before. I find the usual visuals on the web rather dull so I like making small things like this to test new ideas. You'll either love it or hate it. Either way is no problem with me.

I find it quite amusing when people seem to get so annoyed in their reviews, as if I have stolen part of their life. If you are prone to great rage after watching a silly animation then maybe you be doing something more productive to begin with! :D Perhaps should take up a relaxing hobby to calm your nerves, or just go back to watching yet more stickmen impale each-other. Relax! Embrace the silliness!

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Ever since this was released eight years ago, it's remarkable how many times this song has randomly popped back into my life, and how I've never become irritated by this fact. It somehow has the perfect softness and repetition to stay comfortably stuck in one's head for... well, forever, just about. The artwork is incredibly unique and memorable, too, complementing the song in a way no other style would. It's not that I love this animation, but I'm thoroughly impressed by how long it has rattled in my mind for no reason.


I saw this years ago when it was front paged or something, I don't quite recall how I found it. And, just today, out of the blue, this tune pops up in my memory again, so strongly that I track this song down again, after not having heard it in YEARS.


If you've seen..

Weebls-stuff Badger Badger Badger then this is basically a total rip.

I dont know why

For some reason i enjoyed it