Ragnarok (Enchanced DVD)

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*** NOTE 1 ***
Sorry, I accidently submitted the wrong flash. Here is the real one.

*** NOTE 2 ***
I did not steal this. Me and and the original author enchanced it. And I don't know how to put multiple authors so if someone can tell us that would be great.



Thanx for such a good movie =) I'm fan of Ragnarok, so it was nice to see some of the "characters" =)

Not bad, but it's not good either.

Uh firstly...i think you have a spelling problem...u spelled "familys" instead of "families"...if thier anymore mispellings i may have missed it due to the fact i stopped reading after that, and Secondly dude whats up with the lame lines? it's a like a freakin drama serial dude, or either you're not smart enough to coem up with better lines, and thirdly, the beginning of the movie could have like a "next" button for thsoe who cant be bothered to read or read faster then the show was suppose to automactically dissappear, like me, it got a tad irritating waiting for it to just go away. lots of mistake...and lastly...BAD STORY LINE. wont be looking forward to the next movie dude.


Well, the graphics were good,even though taken from the game. I do like ragnarok. (:3)
The story was ok, it is intriguing to know what happens next, but it does take awhile to get interesting. (They didn't really do too much if you think about it.)
--The skipping intro thing was a nice idea, however, as some reviews would suggest, people missed it. It is probably better to put that ON the intro screen so when people finish reading it they can move on or if they don't want to read it at all.
I had to give a lower score than otherwise for interactivity. They aren't proper buttons there. If they are button symbols, double click and alter the 'Hit' tab, this is invisible but it is what can be clicked to activate a behaviour.
Very good otherwise, keep it up!

this wasnt bad at all

aw man i hate movies being continued! over all i thought it was good........nice backrounds to ....would have rated it better but the ending sorta was messed

KainX7 responds:

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I... see

Trying to be fair and balanced here, I would first start off with a little pet peeve I have about these things.

Why Ragnarok? Just what the hell does this have to do with Ragnarok? Why is ANIME always ripping off Norse gods and bastardising it in such a fashion? I've read Håvamål and the old texts where Odin tells the people how the Age of Wolf, Axe and Blood will come pass. And this, eh, is nothing like it.

However, I guess it's "cool" and "hip" now a'days to take words and just make a new meaning of it. Sigh

That aside, I said I will not judge it solely out of the name, that would be unfair. Your flash (or the enhancement of it) was noteable good. I liked it to some extent. I do not enjoy sprites all together much. But I do know how time consuming and hard it is to make animations and art, etc by scratch. The first explainatory text was delayed too long. You should've had some "next" button or something, because it was there forever almost. Voices would really help the flash, I believe.

I feel I was somewhat forced into the story, and I think it would be much more enjoyable if it was possible to make the begining of when they landed there into flash aswell. But it's a start all of this. And that is ok2k.

I still don't know why you have to have the name Ragnarok. It feels like someone is kicking upon my cultural history and making a completely irrelevant usage of that word

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Jun 16, 2005
3:34 AM EDT