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*EDIT 06-06-2008*
For everyone who liked my movies, and is (still) waiting for part 2!

Iam truly sorry for not making a second part so far (it's been over 2 years! lol). I have been really busy with my studies, and have not been able to work on any new flash. I finished my studies last week, and Iam currently taking a break from it all. I have planned to make a second part, and I am happy to tell you that I will start making it as soon as possible! Also I would like to thank everyone for the mails, and Ideas!

The file has been compressed, so forget about the 6,5 Mb, please keep me up to date about any bugs that can be fixed.
At last its finished! After My Link vs Darklink was apreciated by many, I decided to make a new one. The old version has been removed from the website. This cost me about 2 weeks of intense working. And I think my skillz have improved compared to the old version. Please do not pay atanntion to the reality towards the game. This is just an inspiration.


Nice Job

This movie was one of the best I seen.That two weeks of hard work did pay off.


In response to Rakushin, he didnt take anything from DBZ (maybe sept some music). The "Super-Elf" thing that you mentioned isnt taken from DBZ, its taken from Majora's Mask.

Anyway, great movie dekunut. Keep making movies like this and you'll be famous in Newgrounds!


didnt like how you stole that part from DBZ, and you didnt give them any credit at all.... Like instead of super sayian you did super elf..took music, and instead of lbonde...u made him white, and put fancy things on his face...

I Didn't Like it...

I can't say that I enjoyed it very much... To me it didn't seem like it was actually Link link fighting... though the animation wasn't bad, it was a pretty good story and I liked how the sounds were Link and not a new voice. I also thought was neat how you left it to be continued... but I just... Didn't like it...


Link didn't turn into super sayan. Super sayans hair colour is golden and they has strong aura -,-

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Jun 15, 2005
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