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Unrelated Occurences

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Author Comments

We would just like to thank Tom (and his crew) for putting us on the front page and all the people who either liked our work or at least found a way to be constructive about not liking it. This means a lot to us.
This is a joint project we did for our Audio Flash class. Hope everyone enjoys!

*UPDATE* Ben Pfaff (Honey_Man) did the first half, and Billy Woodward did the second half...now you know. Also by popular demand if you go to


you can get access to the song used
in this flash animation!
........copyright 2005

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It was a series of unrelated events alright!

That was a fun movie to watch! Full of surprises too!

Hmm.. It was strange

Strange is good ^-^


I enjoyed that.
When he's walking and singing, the quality of the video goes down the toilet though.

This flash explains to me, the reason of life.
Only magnets on mexicans are the answers.

GOOD video quality... shitty music :(

well what i said up top pretty much sums it up. soo, um make more cuz you have awesome drawling skills just shitty taste in music. even korn sux so no more of them in any of your videos. well GJ and i hope to see some more from you :) one more thing..... magnets stuck to mexicans??? lmao wtf