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Lots of people are saying my 'style' resembles David Firth's animations. Well, I can kind of see were they are coming from... I am English so, naturally, I am going to have and English accent. I used to live not too far from David actually. Also, I am experimenting with my 'style'. I am trying lots of different ways to animate in flash to see which suits me best. This 'style' was up there. But, Check out my other submissions to see for yourself that my 'style' differs...
I thought up the script for this one in about 20 minutes on a boring walk home from school. Took me about 1 month to complete. The word "bastard" is said quite a bit. Check out my other shit!

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Not really like David Firth...

I'm not sure, I've seen all of David Firth's stuff and I would say this has a hint of what he does but its different, not really creepy like David's stuff.

And it's not a copy like one of the other reviews say thats just plain stupid.... But yeh its good nice animation lol.


lol fuk u bastard bill!
i LOVE david firths style, so does almost everyone else, so WHY are people hastleing you??

great job i loved it, and keep it up!

*smacks last review*

The hell? this is nothing david firth its got a suttle style of difference if it was DF it would have made you sick or something
this is NOT a copy any-one thinking so needs new speakers
and a new screen. 10-10 i liked and will watch it again... nice job.


it's too much like David Firth's work for it to be too successful. People who dont read the author's comments are going to jump to the conclusion that it's stolen. Me myself think it is a bit too close for coincidence


Everybody! Ben is the new bastard!

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3.91 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2005
6:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Original