Another New Bunny

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Two best friends meet another new bunny.


This is awsome!!

This animation and the first one are so funny. They never stop swearing and the best part is that the bunnies are talking to little kids and basicly telling them some weird, perverted and sick stuff. These animations are hilarious!!!

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I just went surfing the net and found the articles

My god, I can't believe they're actually thinking of changing the old gang. These cartoons make so much more sense now. Keep it coming, guys, show those fat cats you don't mess with cartoon classics.

I praise thee

But seriously, truly inspirational. I figured you guys (and that 12 year old kid) caused WB to revamp the revamps. That was so awesome when the old "angularly scary" designs got pulled after you released 'a New Bunny' cartoon.

Now that the new designs are out, its awesome to realise how much power you wield in the tool of flash and humour. Remember how the official name change press was some shit like "Buzz Bunny was already a character in use to promote a very adult product" haha, You should really feel proud that WB spin doctors held meetings and laid off staff just to slag off the Buzz image and come up with Ace image.

All thanks to You!

You guys will be deemed Gods if WB pulls the designs again.

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I did not expect that any one who watches this make sure to watch it to the end! BRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have a point.

This is why warnerbrothers can not compete with all of the anime going around. Bugs bunny could come armed to the teeth and not have a chance against Inu Yasha. =P

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4.24 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2005
5:07 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody