College University pt 10

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First time I've ever watched a series I like this, now I have to go back and watch all of them... Damn you and your good animations and their addicting qualites :P

All hail collage university.

I love your series!!!! I am actually only on part 8 but I realized that you are responding on part ten and only there. I am desprete for your responce so I just had to review this one. please respond or my eyes will bleed satanic, unearthly blood.

Parks2 responds:

Here you go...I'm responding...just please...try and stop your eyes from bleeding.

Anywho, glad you like the show! Thanks for the review

Very hit and miss humor.

I've followed College University for quite a while now, and have to say, that I've TRIED to get into the hype and like the show, but I find it to be very overrated. Whilst the graphics are indeed good (not outstanding, but get the job done) the sound quality, scripting, voicing acting and timing is very off-putting.

Graphically, you've done a sound job. All the characters are fairly well designed, albeit forgetable, and seem to fit in nicely together. I can see you've tried to put a lot of detail into your backgrounds, which is always nice as most animators will simply ignore this area. However, I did notice that after a while, the animation got out of sync with the dialogue; a problem which should have been delt with already by the tenth episode. Overall, a good job here.

As far as style goes however, it must be said that the drawing style is dangerously similar to that of Family Guy and many jokes - not just in this episode - have been ripped off from other series. Whilst there are some redeeming qualities to College University and occasional sparks of brilliance, it isn't enough to cover up these factors.

Sound, as mentioned previously was fairly shocking. Most of your characters sound identical and the microphone quality is very iffy. The timing and way you go about executing a joke is very important, and most of the time the voice actors couldn't deliver on what might of been a pretty funny gag. Nuff said.

Humor, I'm sorry to say is very on and off. While a lot of it is stolen gags from other shows, the timing and execution on others just really ruins them altogether. I feel your scripting needs a lot more work, personally, as the episode seemed to drag on forever without any real plot development and the occasional joke that would make me smirk.

College University has potential, yes. But after ten episodes they still haven't really been able to get into the swing of things. This episode, whilst graphically appealing, is fairly long and boring with some ill timed humor. Fix up some problems here and there, get some better quality microphones and work s'more on your scripting to improve on this series.

Overall: 3/10

> Oh, and don't tell me to get my own animation before I pass judgement as I've seen you do to some other responses. Just because I don't have an animation, doesn't mean my opinions are invalid. ^^

Overall: 3/10

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Parks2 responds:

Well thanks for the lengthy review, glad you like the graphics. Obviously you've put alot of thought into this, and I must say that as much as you seem to dislike the show, you do think about it alot, and we can take pride in that.
Now about some of the stuff you said, everybody is entitled to their own opinion blah bleh blechy blah- whatever your poor view of the show is, so be it, but I think you're completely wrong- But what we don't appreciate is that you assume we "rip off" other shows gags- as if we sit around taking notes from the simpsons and FG- which is just totally absurd. All our jokes are original- Now if you can site even 1 actual instance where we blatantly rip off another show, let me know- you made no actual note of any jokes or gags that were ripped off- thats all. Other than that- it's just a web cartoon...don't take it so seriously.


This had a lack of boner, communist wenches.

This movie made my boner literally invert itself, so it was touching my prostate gland when I became aroused.

After watching this lump of homoerotic woman, I had to feel between my legs JUST to be sure i was still a man, because god forbid if I were a woman. This movie was severely deformed in every way, I'm positive the creators must be transexuals...THEY USED TO BE WOMEN! Only a a woman could draw such filth. One aspect I must comment on is the poor, poor, poor sound quality, so poor I had to repeat myself. One aspect I must comment on is the poor, poor, poor sound quality, so poor I could barely hear their flacid jokes and couldn't tell who was speaking when due to it's shoddy lip-syncing. Furthermore, stay away from the boner jokes, only creations by I and a few chosen clones placed inconspicously around the world may use them. Watch my movie "Faucet In Hand" and educate yourself on high-class and respectable humor.

In conclusion, I'd rather watch Pokemon than this. And I will.

-- wtf my boner.

Parks2 responds:

I was waiting for your review....now I can rest easy

This is a good show but you have a VERY long way..

It's good, but trust me, it isn't no Family guy.

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