Breath of Fire Ragnarok

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My first flash, Took me a week to make. It's a short battle between Ryu from Breath of Fire and Lord of the Dead from Ragnarok Online. I hope you enjoy!


Nope, sorry

Sorry dude, that wasn't cool, no groove at all, just boring, if it was something like.....let's say....that linkin park ragnarok flash (you must know it) it would be a cool one, but the way it is.....it sucks, sorry.

PS: Did you notice that Ryu's MP never goes down?

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KainX7 responds:

Perhaps if you had enough brain cells to notice that it does.. Lol.. Dumbass

that sucked

i only put a three cuz of lord of death that realy sucked i agree with that person who said that who the hell wants to see another person play an rpg unless its ragnarok and that ending with the mayo was just truly retarded

KainX7 responds:

Shut the fuck up you little 13 year old prick. Go tie your testicles around a copy of Kingdom Hearts you little shit. Get a profile you little insect infested ass rape.

That was fucking stupid.

Sorry, but who the hell wants to watch another person play an RPG game? Unless it's Ragnarok Online, that game owns. But seriously, Breath of Fire and Ragnarok? If I wanted to watch someone play an RPG all day, I'd go over to my Asian friend's house. I'm sure everyone who reads this review can agree.

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KainX7 responds:

Shut the fuck up you little cock munch. Im gonna sodomise your kids and cousins while your jerking yourself off with a bunch of pedophiles, And a group of communists try to rape you in your 15-year old pansy red ass. Im gonna ram my moniter down your throat you anal induced disease. Go fuck a pig you little bitch.


not ur 1st flash .....i could tell and who the hell wins!!!!???? i mean u ended it with riku being the one with the lowest hp but he didnt die?
and whats with the clock....that was the stupid part ...i would vote this a 2 outa 5

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KainX7 responds:

Riku? Man what the fuck, Go to hell bitch. This is my first flash. Thats better then what you can do. You cant even make flash. Hell, You cant even knock over a shelf with semen samples stuck in your asshole.


i hate clocks... and dont mix ragnarok with other games... and this isnt your first flash also...

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KainX7 responds:

I don't really care for your thoughts and opinions. I want to hear comments about the movie. Dumbass.

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2.30 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2005
8:02 PM EDT