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Red, White, & Blue

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Author Comments

Highscores back up.

The highscores have been taken down for the moment, a NG user named SHITTYFLASHMAN hacked them to death. Pester him.

Prediction: Underdog of the week here I come!

How the menu works: Click the arrows to select your game, then click the card to play it.

Well, it's been a long time since Red & Black, but it's finally here. The goal here: To make a game using only red, white, and blue.

Glaiel_Gamer: Organizing the collab, the menu, and Fireworks
Xelius: The highscore scripts and Life of a Fireman
The_Mercenary: Zantsu Must Die
Smoking_Chimney: SMASH!: RWB

Title music from Battlefield Vietnam



Flippin sweet ninja game!!

Way to go on the one part with the ninja guy with guns. I've bookmarked this page so i can go back and play the gun/sword part. Keep up the good work.


it was really fun

I was a fan of Red & Blue.

This is semi-inferior, but I'll give it a shot.

The graphics were - well, they were good for red, white, & blue being the colours allowed. The graphics weren't that important anyway.

The styles were relatively interesting - the idea that drove them was quite amusing.

The music in general - all of it - started getting boring after a while. It was better than some, though.

The violence in some games was good - especially the lack of blood and guts!

It's stupid to give this anything in Interactivity BUT a 10. I mean, they're GAMES? Hello?

SMASH! was enough to get this 10 in humour - just what happened when the characters dropped out was funny enough, partnered with the other ideas.

Coming from the creator of 'Magnetism', I expected a little better of Fireworks. It's an old game - and it wasn't a very good adaption of it either. It was too simplistic, and having halves and fourths - instead of taking one house off at a time - was really odd.

It was better than nothing, though the colour scheme could have been used better.

Zantsu Must Die was probably the best of the four games in this collection. It was an interesting fighter game - although a little tedious. Near the end, I couldn't attack anymore? I was pressing A, S, and D, but nothing was happening. Is there a certain limit to your attack power? That error (?) caused me to die there. It was quite fun, nothing to complain about - except that there could have been a difficulty setting like in The Institute from Red and Black. They seemed to be relatively similiar games, actually, though Zantsu Must Die was somewhat better. But it needed a plot.

SMASH! was highly amusing, though the trivia seemed to be aimed for adults. The humour and cheat code (though a sort of odd one) was a nice touch to the game. And how come the first two people didn't die? =( It seems unfair. Either the second best in this collection or the third, I'm undecided on;

Life of a Fireman was difficult, but it has (or so I belive) the most replay value of any of them - the ranking making you want to keep trying for the highest amount of stars. The first mission may have been - oh - too hard? Your water got used up too quickly, and refilling took time. The second and third were just fine, though.

That's pretty much it. 4/5, good luck on the Underdog, but I think the vote-score is too high for it to happen, unfortunatly.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

I actually made that game MUCH before Magnetism, and in Much less time. Don't worry, my next game will rock the sox.

that zantsu must die is by far the best.

i cam second on the highscore table! all you need to play it is spastic fingers. its fast! and those guys with two huge blades always killed me! for some reason they reminded me of woody wedpecker but dont ask why...

aaah, weird

Really good set of games. Nothing too difficult to get the hang of. I especially liked the fire brigade game cos of the different levels. The alien one was hardest. A bit of a culture shock when I finally closed the window - my eyes had adjusted to all the red white and blueness. Aaaaa..

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

See, if the score doesn't rise I'll have underdog of the week.....

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Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2005
6:15 AM EDT
Action - Other