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FF: PWN Barrage

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Eh..I decided to submit it because it's worth for other people to see. It's a little FF idea thingy. Enjoy my random humor! BTW sorry for the mario sounds, I couldn't find FF ones. >_<



haha that movie rocked. totaly ownage. to bad about the sounds tho.. ;( but we'll survive lol ^^


Lol, wtf, I thought it was pretty funny


First of all, sorry about that review for Super Mario: All Aboard. That was my STUPID immature 12-year old brother writing that because he hated it... and he kicked me off before I finished my side of the review. I thought that was alright but the voices killed the score.

This movie:
All of us at FightThePower thought this was pretty average and you should be proud. The Humorous bit was probably the Pwnage Attack Black Mage did, that was funny in an odd way. I think that was the Hulk that the Black Mage and Thief were trying to kill or just some green monster that resembled the Hulk. I just thought this was pretty average. Your use of sprites could've been a bit better, but at least you didn't add voices, which was a good idea.

DariusR responds:

It's okay for the review of the All Aboard thing. I'm sorry for giving an ass response too.

Thanks for the comment, I made the PWN barrage thing almost a year ago, but I'm real better right now.


ok ya the background and sounds were right gay like i mean gay..... lol but other then that good job


Pretty decent... I liked the use of the age-old Final Fantasy sprites... Btw, the Ogre which Black Mage and Thief were fighting had like, 97 HP or soemthing... And Thief wouldn't be able to cast Firaga because for one, he couldn't anyway, and two, Firaga wasn't known as that until FF8, until then they were known as Fire Fire-2 and Fire-3. The background was pretty shitty and you could have had voices, but I bet everyone's expecting them to sound like 8-bit theatre now... You just need to perservere or h/e it's spelt and surf the net til your eyeballs itch for FF sound effects. I have a great site for FF MIDI's from 1-9, but it's agaisnt the rules to advertise so... Oh yeah and, those HP scores for Thief & BM would have been quite hard because I played FF1 and it took me 'til about level 90 to get HP above that. Thief should have just normally attacked and killed because at level 90 his accuracy would be higher than a hippie at Woodstock and 97 HP wouldn't have bee hard... The Ogre should have done something like, throw a muffin at BM! And then a mouse comes and eats the muffin. But I want the muffin *hits mouse* MY MUFFIN! *runs away with muffin*

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3.17 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2005
11:24 PM EDT
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