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Windows XPosure

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I'm on the collections page! Yay!

UPDATE 12/6/05
Some reviews and votes I'm getting for this are on the opinion, rather than how good the flash and programming is. Please have a little sense of humor!
(If you liked it than you are the best!)

In my opinion, Windows XP was a bad move. What was wrong with 98? :) Anyway, this is how I see Windows XP. I have been on it before and it is truley fustrating!!! To give you the full Windows XPerience, I've added a white cursor, just for the benifit of Macintosh users! :) Hope you like it!


OMMFG it is a mockory of Windows XP

Sweet game. I wonder what happens to that stick dude on the media player? Sucks more than XP itself.

I don't get the humor

I use Windows XP and never really have a problem with it. I'm not saying, WINDOWS IS AWESOME MACS SUX SO STFU!!!11! . I just really can't compare it to anything, that and it's a little short , it could use more. Overall it's a pretty ok flash.

its so...

life like...its like i a real emotional comput(sorry windows has gone on holiday and is not coming back)LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL WAY 2 GO MAN KEEP IT UP

I have a window xp pro and they doesn't crash.....

on me and I think window xp is better than mac because Window can take more software than Mac and there aren't many good software for Mac and I don't like that mouse because the whole mouse is a button and I have to use my hand for this crap. Please don't call my computer gay!

What the...

I Think that XP, 98, 95, 2000, and ME are the best computers in the cyberspace because they don't crash on me. So don't go thinking around that windows sucks.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2005
12:31 PM EDT
Simulation - Other