Dog V.S Jesus - Part One

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I started work on this months ago, but had to stop because of school exams. I went back to it last week to finish it off, and here it is. It is a flash epic. So epic in fact that it comes in 2 parts. Part 2 will be with you as soon as possible. Enjoy this and vote on it in the meantime.

I LOVE the fact that you religeous people are shiiting your pants about this, but seriously, just chill your wabs and watch.


freakin sweet!

I LOVED it. Jesues, Darth Vader and a certiant ass-hole of a dictator from the 1940's, all in one idiotic asshole.cool

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cool buutt......

wheres the flippin next one!!!

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I bet its true...

You do some quality animation. This whole series reminds me of Madness. It starts with just random shit, but each episode gets a deeper plot to it. I love it!

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i find your lack of faith disturbing

(choke powers) now do as i say admiral and gather your men........darth vader, hitler, and jesus all in one character i never knew

Ok, excelent to the maxiness!!!!!

Nice flash! I really like this, it was wicked funny. I just love the way you did this, even though I have no idea where the idea of this came from. But, enough of my intro, time to do an actuall review!

Graphics: Ok, nice graphics! You really did a nice job with all of your artwork, especially with jesus, god, and the nuns! It's like, OMFG, ATTACK OF THE NUNS! Anyway, your art was very good, and it made the flash that much more enjoyable for me.

Style: Way to go with animating this thing! I don't think many people could have done a better job in your position! You animated everything very well, including the lighning bolts and stuff! I loved it!

Sound: You get a 10 because you used music from Star Wars.

Violence: At this point, I'm only judging violence by the ammount I think there is in the flash...

Interactivity: You get a five because you made your own loading and play screens.

Humor: Instead of going on a tangent, I'm going to make a list of very funny things.

-Jesus wants to kill a dog
-A dog was able to kill god
-Depicting Jesus as both Darth Vader and a certain german dictator from the 1940s.

The last couple were kindof offensive, but they were funny! Laughed all the way through!

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2.95 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2005
8:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Original