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Dog V.S Jesus - Part One

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Author Comments

I started work on this months ago, but had to stop because of school exams. I went back to it last week to finish it off, and here it is. It is a flash epic. So epic in fact that it comes in 2 parts. Part 2 will be with you as soon as possible. Enjoy this and vote on it in the meantime.

I LOVE the fact that you religeous people are shiiting your pants about this, but seriously, just chill your wabs and watch.


did you make...jesus a nazi???

.......well, anyway.....looks o be interesting...and quite humerous....wonder how dag was able to kill God....tricky little devil....i also like the nun army......i wonder is Jesus is gonna fry the little puppy...........................but really, did u make jesus a nazi?

nazi jesus??

awwww, that dog was super cute, i hope it dosent die, very good flash, one my favorites

shut-up responds:





hahaha, good stuff

hahaha, oh man. I'm religious myself but I don't exactly have any problem with this. Sure you make Jesus look like hitler and Vatican like the SAS/the rest of hitler's regime but everyone's gotta lighten up. It's just a parody. It shouldn't be taken seriously. Everyone has their own point of view on this stuff. Religion shouldn't have any special jurisdiction just because it's religion. Y'all just gotta stop being so narrow minded. It's good to have beliefs and faith but you gotta realize that just because someone has a view opposite to yours their automatically wrong - ears closed fists up. I mean honestly, thats how wars begin.

Lighten up kiddies >=]

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shut-up responds:

At last! A person with a sense of humour and an open mind!


nice job!!

i hope in da second 1 dat jesus gets killed by da dogz because just lyke my good ol friend shmitty said "im athest and i dont belive or lyke jesus."


I hope The dog will kill Jesus, otherwise it is just being nasty to a cute being.
Besides, why do you think that god is an old man with a beard? Jesus also lived (kind of) for more than 2 ,000 years, why is he always young? I believe that god is a tall man with a maustache.
In general, you got your self a pretty damn good movie, I liked the General script (that the dog killed god), but you have to put more jokes in the next movie, if you do, you will probably win a big award for this movie.
Great flash movie, well done.

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Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2005
8:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Original