Dog V.S Jesus - Part One

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I started work on this months ago, but had to stop because of school exams. I went back to it last week to finish it off, and here it is. It is a flash epic. So epic in fact that it comes in 2 parts. Part 2 will be with you as soon as possible. Enjoy this and vote on it in the meantime.

I LOVE the fact that you religeous people are shiiting your pants about this, but seriously, just chill your wabs and watch.


Take that jesus!

Way to tear into christianity! If hell exists your screwed but at least you'll have satan laughing with you.

it was pretty good

i just found your use of colors alittle too... nazi but i think that was what you where going for...

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Are you christian??It really doesnt seem so.

Good ol Dogs this one made a little mistake thou in episode 2 that pissed off god and seemed to get in a war with the creator of earth.
you sort of have a starwars thing going on there..and a Nazi thing going on....so I really ask (if you are christian) why would you make your savior hitler!

Fuckin Awesome

Im christian... but that was fucking awesome.... AND u christain bitches who despise this... STFU its fucking comedy... AND... If the Fucking dog killed god the dog dies...

If god fucking wants the dogs dead... they MOTHER FUCKIN DIE


come on man! god is definitely not like that , and for tops , he is immortal , being christian, its disturbing but otherwise good graphics and sound and nice mixture of the nazi flag with the cross and starwars music.

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2.95 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2005
8:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Original