Circuit Skirmish

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UPDATE: Circuit Skirmish 2 is out. Go watch it!

Lots of views, lots of reviews! Thanks! If the movie seems to be running slow or if the sounds arent matching up, turn it to low quality.

This is a short animation about a robot I've had in my head for about a year. Only as of recently have I been able to suck him out of my cerebral cortex and animate him. Enjoy!



I liked it a lot. Keep up the goof work


This is far by one of the best action packed movies ever! This is the violence i was looking for. i even like blood in my violence. Well i hope alot of you like this. (Please respond)


I loved the graphics and the overall action.

by this eavning

by this eavning this flash should be on the front page!

Holy shit!

Now that is what you call fucking incredible. I have only been amazed like this with a select few submissions. There She is step 2, Prowlies at the River, Bloodsucker, a few others and now this. This was honestly amazing and by far the best thing you have created. This is without a doubt going in my favourite submissions.
Everything was done exceptionally well, jus flat out amazing! I will say everything i liked in my review.

The graphics were incredible and by far the best graphics that i have seen from you, and thats saying alot because all your stuff has been great. The robots were perfectly drawn, they looked 3D and the colours of them were great. Well actually all the colours in this movie were absolutely awesome. The animation was very smooth, and it seemed to fit your animating style perfectly. By the way the animating style rocked in this movie. I just loved the Robot designs very much, both the good robot and the bad robots had a very unique design, the antennas on their heads looked pretty cool. There were absolutely no lagging issues or timing problems on my computer. Its a great thing than you were able to suck him out of your cerebral cortex and animate him. Some of the best graphics i have seen!

Your style in this ,movie was perfect. From the character designs to the animating style to the overall feel to the movie, all of which were brilliant. As i said earlier the character designs were unique but still awesome. The animating style in this movie is hard to explain for me. Kind of realistic, but in the backrounds you kept a cool kind of professional cartoon like thing. LOL The feel to the movie was very very cool thanks to everything really. You did a good job of making the viewers really want the good robot to win. Your style was damn good overall.

The sound was fantastic in this. I really loved the many sound effects all of which were clear and easy to hear. Since you had so many it made the movie seem professional. On my computer everything was perfectly insync. The songs and pieces of music really helped create the mood, intense at some points and kind of heroic at other points. To top it all off the audio quality was exceptional. Amazing sound overall.

There was a lot of violence, but not the guresome kind that some people may find disturbing. It was really just action violence and thats always good when used properly. There was enough violence in this to satisfy a violence craving. There was definitely a small humour elementin this aswell. no laugh out loud parts but there were a couple that made me smile , such as when the good robot jumped off the roof and didnt land properly. Another funny part was at the end "Bad Robos Destroyed". LOL

Overall this was absolutely incredible. This is the kind of flash that people look up to and get inspired by. Seriously this is a masterpiece and congrats on the really high score! Make more please!!!! 5/5

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Falconer02 responds:

WOW! THIS IS THE NICEST REVIEW I'VE EVER RECIEVED! Thanks, dude! I deeply appreciate it and am very glad you enjoyed it!

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Jun 8, 2005
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