Christina vs. DK Project

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DK Project tells the story of two teenager secret agents, Dott and Kave. They have the mission to destroy any bad product delivered by the entertainment industry. These guys are violent, amoral and really funny.
Visit the site to find the complete story of this secret project: www.dkproject.com
DKProject´s credits are shared by three guys Ernesto Bottger, Luis Casuso and Roxana Vasquez and we love to receive comments about our work. Hope you enjoy this animation.



Haha! Really good!
It COULD use more blood you know...

really funny

this was really funny. keep up the good work with these dk movies

Ravanos- Get the stick out of your ass

I thought it was pretty good. I hate Christina "I'm really hispanic" Aguilera. I feel sorry for all the little 12-year olds that are going to wake up in a few years and realize just how annoying she and all those like her (BSB, Brittney, J-Lo, etc., y'all know who I mean) actually are. If NKOTB wasn't a lesson in teenie pop = garbage then I don't know what will be.


To the last guy I dont know what your problem is but why dont you go to hell asshole

I hope you fall into a vat of AIDS & razor blades

Take the void of plot, continuity, and senseless pandering to pop culture of Beavis and Butthead. Mix with a Spy vs. Spy sthick, lacking any form of polish and style. Add two kids, ala Home Alone. Subtract all possible redeeming humour. Subtract quality animation.


Take a piece of bread. Spread some shit on it.

The result is the same. This movie.

Wow! These 133t kidz got madd skillz! Look! They're violent! They have gadgets! That's sooooo kool!

I've seen abortions that were more entertaining than this.

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3.61 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2001
11:11 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody