Sleep: A Tribute

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This is my tribute to the composer Eric Whitacre. His music has changed my life, and so, while this is my most beautiful piece, it is really just ornamentation to his music. This will be my last contribution to Newgrounds. Please enjoy.


Why make it your last piece?!

This was beautiful and amazing! I think with a little more experiance and practice with the graphics you could be something really special, ill hope to see more from you.

Drakonais responds:

Well if something strikes me ridiculously hard, I might make another one day, thank you for your support.

No, no, no.

I'm sorry, but that was terrible. You just didn't hit the note I saw you reaching for, thus making rather hokey and badly drawn. The story was unlear and jumped around, and I really don't see how this is a proper "tribute" to anything at all. My thoughts are that you are indeed better off making this your last. Sorry.

Drakonais responds:

Thanks for voicing an honest opinion. The tribute was to the song, not to any "thing". Sorry it wasn't what you thought it could've been.

very good

wow, that really impressed me. it had to be one of the best stories ive seen and as a very secure man almost made me cry. very very tastefully done and i loved it.

Drakonais responds:

I'm amazed that I've created something that can move tears, thank you so much for expressing your thoughts.

that was beautiful.

that was very moving. the music was beautiful, not of the genre that you typically hear on this site. the black - and - white theme worked very well for you, and added to the piece, especially with a couple of things being in color. that was very touching to me, and i was captivated the whole time.

the only thing i think you could have done better is some of the animation when the mean was reaching for something, or moving. in a couple scenes, the art just looked much more realistic and seemed to have more time taken on it. but it's not a biggie.

Newgrounds will miss you. but you certainly went out with a bang.

great work.

Drakonais responds:

Thank you for your review, your thought were astute, I do often take time with certain things and do a rush job on others depending on what inspires me more. Glad you appreciated it.


Story was completely unoriginal. I liked the music to start but it stayed the same throughout and began to bore me by the end. moved way too slow.

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Jun 8, 2005
7:07 PM EDT
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