Good And Evil

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EDIT: Thanks for the Front Page, I really didn't expect it! And regarding the length of the movie... the reason it's short is so that it stays true to the Toy Machine animations, which are always short and to the point - The point being that there is no point ;)

This is a short animation based on an animated segment from the latest Toy Machine video. Any skateboarders out there might be aware of a company called Toy Machine - Each Toy machine video includes a little segment featuring some of the Toy Machine characters (usually the orange Transmissionator) getting up to all kinds of crazy antics, and featured in the latest video was a short animation. Being the big Toy Machine fan that I am, I decided to make my own short animation featuring the famous Transmissionator.
Make of it what you will... It's a little strange to say the least, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! :)


Excuse Me

Are people on Newgrounds inept, carnage loving psychotics? What qualifies this as awesome. I feel as if I have wasted my time. The art was average and that was the only redeeming quality. Should we praise generiticsim? Why are so many movies aimless dribble that is prasied by the subpar intelect of morons. Don't bother to make a movies if it has no point.

BRS responds:

Oh, pardon my thoroughly explained reasonings in both Authors Comments and Review Replies, 'Killer'.

Nice but...

Nice but you not only could of made it longer and better but you could of ended it with something that didnt suck so bad


tactless and rude

Is this all there is............

I expected it to be bigger.

BRS responds:

What part of 'SHORT ANIMATION' don't you understand?

Toy mAchine let you do this?

Man there was no point in that. I am a sk8er and even I don't get it. Oh and Toy Machine skate products are garbage. Popwar and Almost boards are super tight. You are insulting all sk8ers with this video. Crap

BRS responds:

Wow, where to begin.

First of all, Toy Machine didn't let me do this. It's a tribute, and I made that clear in the Authors Comments, where I also made clear that there is no point to the movie as far as a story/plot goes, which is why you don't get it. The fact that you are a mentally inept buffoon is also a critical factor, but more so the fact that you are unable to read.

As for Toy Machine products being garbage... well, guess which company won the 2004 Transworld Video Of The Year award. That's right, Toy Machine. Besides, Toy Machine and Almost boards use nearly an exact same mold, so congratulations on stupidly contradicting yourself in just one line of text.

AS for the rest... I can't even begin to comprehend how any of it relates to this movie at all. I'd ask you to elaborate but I'm not sure you understand what that means. I'll just settle on the conclusion that you are, um... how shall I put this.....


Thanks for the review and for making me laugh :)

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3.76 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2005
6:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Original