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Good And Evil

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EDIT: Thanks for the Front Page, I really didn't expect it! And regarding the length of the movie... the reason it's short is so that it stays true to the Toy Machine animations, which are always short and to the point - The point being that there is no point ;)

This is a short animation based on an animated segment from the latest Toy Machine video. Any skateboarders out there might be aware of a company called Toy Machine - Each Toy machine video includes a little segment featuring some of the Toy Machine characters (usually the orange Transmissionator) getting up to all kinds of crazy antics, and featured in the latest video was a short animation. Being the big Toy Machine fan that I am, I decided to make my own short animation featuring the famous Transmissionator.
Make of it what you will... It's a little strange to say the least, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! :)



*Spoiler alert*

knowing the rate at wich ppl review these days im probably late now that ive watched the movie.

wheres my golds gold is probably in his pocket but hes too stupid to realize it.

good and evil

good: it was oh so happy. a nice stroll, nice happy music, and the guy busts out with guns and gets "evil"with it.

simple as that. the name is a joke in its self because after you watch it you can say "hahaha sh!t! good and evil! awesome!" and the name also dosent spoil the ending what so ever. so its a fitting title [wich i enjoyed] with no spoiler since it only has one twist [it would be bad to spoil it]. im sorry...but your the one who makes "no since wutsoever"

its wutsoever even a word? :P

[i dont usually review... lol]


that was by far the coolest yet wirdest things ever... although i never seen toy machine this is some what confusing for me.there is a "guy" or a "thing" he walks down the street, past a child and a bystander reading a newspaper, reaches the end of a block, looks around, grabs his two gat's and pops every one he see'. please explain this if this has a story or this is just random but that was funny. good twist too.next time if ur redoing this for any reason add a bit more calling song like birds chirping in the distance or batovan *atleast i think he does calming music...*and tyr to have a better back ground other than that dull light greentry adding more coulors and more seaner (misspelled).

the ace of spades!

caught me off gaurd! so unexpected! so kick ass!

good (comment for bert-D)

Well bert-D, I have to say I'm suprised that you call him a poser for not listening to bad religion, when in fact that band is one of the most emo punk poser bands I have ever laid my eyes on. Hes wasting away, it seems you are you hypicrital dumbass, by voting on newgrounds in the first place. "lazy ass cant skate"? Escuse me mr. "omy god, I can ollie" pussy face, but you shouldn't be talking in any case, take your pre-pubescent ass outside yourself where you can skate untill your balls drop and you get a little better, before your run your mouth at someone who atleast has talent enough to make this movie, let alone spell you illiterate shit. (ex. "fucken" "dam" {many other grammatical errors}

Any darn dang way, The movie was good. I liked the style, and the ending was funny.

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It`s pretty good. I thought it would be longer. But anyways, I read the message but didnt expect that do happen. I would have liked it more if it was a bit longer. Nice job.

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3.76 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2005
6:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Original