Good And Evil

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EDIT: Thanks for the Front Page, I really didn't expect it! And regarding the length of the movie... the reason it's short is so that it stays true to the Toy Machine animations, which are always short and to the point - The point being that there is no point ;)

This is a short animation based on an animated segment from the latest Toy Machine video. Any skateboarders out there might be aware of a company called Toy Machine - Each Toy machine video includes a little segment featuring some of the Toy Machine characters (usually the orange Transmissionator) getting up to all kinds of crazy antics, and featured in the latest video was a short animation. Being the big Toy Machine fan that I am, I decided to make my own short animation featuring the famous Transmissionator.
Make of it what you will... It's a little strange to say the least, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! :)


Utter Magnificence!

Well if it isn't the photoshop king himself? BadReligionSkater! It was a pleasure working with you then, and it shall be a pleasure reviewing your submission now!

Let me start off by saying excellent job on this wonderful piece of work. Many would call it a, "shock flash," as it can make the viewer jump. However, you worked hard to achieve this shock. You are not simply playing a cheap sabotage with a blank screen or a photograph, you actually make the viewer expect something else; which simply put, is the best thing you could do. You're graphics were incredible as well! You have truly mastered the technique of creating your own particular style; a colorful, yet dark one. I was most impressed with the specific detail of the art. You put alot of care into the main character's walk and the shadows that are cast on him. No cheap shuffling, you're characters lifted their feet from the ground and moved in a realistic manner, (you would be surprised how many artists fail to do so). You're music choice was supurb as well. The music splits were perfectly on time, with the correct music to match the mood. A calm, relaxing melody to start off, and a fast-paced beat to match some mindless violence. This entire piece would be considered serio-comic. Begins friendly and ends hilarious. Truly an enjoyable experience to watch!

Fabulous work BadReligionSkater! I can't wait to see more from you. Much love, you're Italian buddy,

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*Spoiler alert*

knowing the rate at wich ppl review these days im probably late now that ive watched the movie.

wheres my golds gold is probably in his pocket but hes too stupid to realize it.

good and evil

good: it was oh so happy. a nice stroll, nice happy music, and the guy busts out with guns and gets "evil"with it.

simple as that. the name is a joke in its self because after you watch it you can say "hahaha sh!t! good and evil! awesome!" and the name also dosent spoil the ending what so ever. so its a fitting title [wich i enjoyed] with no spoiler since it only has one twist [it would be bad to spoil it]. im sorry...but your the one who makes "no since wutsoever"

its wutsoever even a word? :P

[i dont usually review... lol]


What does good and evil have to do with that?? So wut if a guy turns a corner looking good, and shoots the living shit out of the other people, u guys need to work on the storyline. It makes no since wutsoever.

i like it

i like the music quality and the video is cool

Toy machine rules!

Yeah, the top explains it. Toy machine is a great skate company. This animation really stays true to its roots, well done. I applaud your efforts

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3.76 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2005
6:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Original