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First of all i must say, that I started this Project a couple of months ago.
But i lost interest to give it a better Ending like that in this movie. I had to cut alot of Scenes out, because of the Limited Filesize. The Story is about a Spacemarine, whos Friend was killed by the Cyberdemon, so he wants to Fight it in a Heartpounding Match.
Ok, hope you enjoy!

The Music is from the Spiderman 2 Trailer. It`s Lacrimose from Immediate Music.


great work

i grew up on doom, and this brought back so many great memories. great work...as said, ending disappointing, although if you didnt have god mode on, thats what usually happened to you :P


Like you said in your author's comment... the ending really needs work, I think this really has potential, just that ending... made me cry


Well, average sprite-like animation, average music (that you didn't add a stopAllSound(); code at the beginning of the mvoie so if you replay the movie, it plays the ending music in the beginning. Plus...the hero isn't supposed to die.


DOOM is cool but ya the ending was stupid.but every thing was good!

Good piece...

First and formost I would like to say that the music made this piece, it was well chosen and a merit to the story. However it is a sprite animation, this would have been really very good if it was drawn as wen the sprites are zoomed in so much it becomes annoying, also the voice text could have been better chosen and as you have said, the ending was very dissapointing. Overall a good piece though, a nice topic aswell, keep
making flashes such as this and soon you will be able to make pieces scoring 9 and 10 as you have the imagination for it.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2005
2:34 PM EDT