OmenPhillipGentle part 1

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It is about a person with three minds. it is quite scary in some places but very funny too.

i hope you like it



Overall grade: B+

Well done. I really liked that. You really portrayed the man's thoughts well, and the drawing style was really good. You get a six for pure style. Very disturbed, definetly fit the flash. The voices and song were good, loved the flashbacks, that definetly deserved a nine. A five for violence, but not for actually violence but rather for frightningness (not sure if that's a word, let's pretend it is) and a three for humor because it wasn't really humorous. Now, here we've come to the negative point. The animation. The movement of his eyes was a bit...amateur, but I'm guessing you're new to flash, so it's alright. Keep practicing, you can do better. You've got real potential, I believe one day you will be praised for your excellent flashwork.

((( DECENT )))

This was decent and for doing it all on one scene thats very good, you did give it a "CREEPY" feel to it with the "FLASHBACKS" and all, maybe show the images abit longer though, but it was a good way of going about a scary and sorta creepy direction, so nice job...



That red thing dude had hair growing out of it and is located in some strange place and he gets pissed off easily. very nice work on facial expressions and hand movements. hah, this is a very strange flash.. too bad it had no plot...

rosskitcherTRT responds:

thanks dude for nice review and some one that gives advice too.. be proud of ur self and um that wasnt hair it was shadow lol

oh god

Please don't make any more of these. For the love of flash. >_<

rosskitcherTRT responds:

thats really good help isnt it u said person.

i bet ur the one allways blamming the people that are worser then u

just grow up


That was wako freaky! Nice!

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2.04 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2005
6:20 PM EDT
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