scary salad fingers

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It is salad fingers yes indeed. I didn't spend but about a hour or so with this. I didn't put much effort in it but i had fun lol.



LOL funny shit when that white screen suddenly flashed it gave me a twitch right in my shoulder
wasnt expecting that
made me smile the whole time though


DUDE!!!i was justl listen to some music, so my volume was up!! it didnt scare me, just made me jump with the loud noise. but apart from that, it wasnt all that to begin with. your actual salad fingers looked sort of close to the original david firth creation, but otherwise...

At least...

DAMN RIGHT IT'S A DISEASED PRODUCTION! What the fucking hell were you high on? were you smoking Mr. Rabbit's dirty ass again? I saw no reason to watch this. Whoo, guy standing there, whoo salad fingers, whoo flash thing, whooo salad fingers head is detahced. WTF was the point? The guy, the salad fingers with a spoon, and the detachment of heads. Why does it all happen? If this doesnt have BLAM stamped on it, I must be blind.

Mr-dude-2nd responds:

Well obviously you are blind and you can't spell. But anyway. What is the point with the real Salad Fingers?

Very cool

That was very good everybody else just hates it cause they're weak hearts can't take it


Not too funny.
It was too short and WAY too, um, well, not funny!
And you could get in trouble for stealing copyrighted material, even if it's not copyrighted.

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Mr-dude-2nd responds:

And yes! You are offically retarded! You need to take basic grammar. Thanks for the review.

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