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FTTS v.2 (Sprites)

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Well, i gave it two new sprites, a sprite of him dying, and a sprite of him shielding.

You may notice a new control is the ability to avoid fire via your shield! Megaman doesnt have a shield so I used a sprite of him shooting, you'll see.

Right - Walk Forward
Down - Duck
Shift - Attack


Worst game ever.

This is an insult to Mega Man.

The X sprites clash with the MM7 backgrounds, the freaking DOOM sprites clash with everything, the controls suck, that's DEFINATELY not a shield, X runs too fast, there are spaces of BLACK where it should be transparent on X's sprites...

In short,


Shift keys = Not good idea.

It was pretty fun, Yet SHIFT as the attack control ruins it because of sticky keys.

It really was too easy and repetitive.

it was kinda bad

First off, 2nd lvl you automatically die because they is no one to kill. Incomplete games are no fun. Second, WAY too easy, makes it boring. Third, NEVER make a game which you have to click on shift multiple times, for many people after they click shift 5 times they get a pop up, and they turn on sticky keys. Fourth, pretty simple, too simple, you can’t even see the guys shoot at you, you can only hear them do it. All the guys are the same and they don’t even move, even when attacking.

what the fuck?

all you get to is to the second level and then die, fuck this game

I didnt like it

the game is incomplete. The game is boring, it needs more depth

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2.66 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2005
1:55 AM EDT
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