The Zero Project

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Hello all, this is my first submission onto newgrounds, it is half-finished. I need some user input on it though, (aka. Spelling errors that I did not catch, music suggestions, and scene suggestions.) This movie will contain a n extensive fight scene, thats why i would like to know if this is "enough" dioluge introduction into it. Thanks for Voting ^_^


Nice use of sprites

The use of sprites were great, but other than that... Nah...

It'd be great if you could put some voices into it!

Zero is great!

toughguy000 responds:

Thanks, if anyone is willing to help along with voice-overs it would be great, because i know that i suck at interpratation of voices :P. later on their will be more diolauge though. after the great fight scene ^_^


This is a waste of time, nothing in this clip was even yours, its all sprites...nothing else. Get some drawing skills and put in some work god damn it!
Im sick of people submitting this stuff, if you dont think its very good, chances are no one else will, come back later with some actual skills.

toughguy000 responds:

Clink, if you have ever tryed as a "noob" as I am, to get everything in this movie to run smoothly. I see that you yourself have no flash films being submitted, so what do you have it to compare to of your own skills?

not bad

hey i liked the beggining movie music haha

toughguy000 responds:

Thanks, it was the good old 20th century fox introduction that my friend re-made on his midi keyboard for me


People like you make Megaman Games that people like us love turn against Megaman and them...

toughguy000 responds:

Could you rephrase that? i don't completely get your statement

Pretty Cool

That was pretty cool espicially if your new i mean that was awesome for a noob well done!

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2.09 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2005
8:27 PM EDT
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