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Hello all, this is my first submission onto newgrounds, it is half-finished. I need some user input on it though, (aka. Spelling errors that I did not catch, music suggestions, and scene suggestions.) This movie will contain a n extensive fight scene, thats why i would like to know if this is "enough" dioluge introduction into it. Thanks for Voting ^_^

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I like it.

It was pretty good, you just gotta add a fight scene and voices. For a first flash that was awsome!

Great for First Flash movie! Please finish!

Pretty damn good for a first flash attempt, I agree with other reviewers more sound is needed, and I don't agree too much with the choice of music, could be personal taste though.

Also the plot is kind of weak, I guess the "Fight Scene" you speak of would make up for the weak plot, but at this time this "Fight Scene" is not there.

Anyways I think the fighting should start when he in the air, and have him bomb/shoot minions etc until getting to the final fight scene. Sprites are cool and all, but I don't think you should be restricted to them, whats wrong with mixing it up? Flash was created to have no boundaries :)

toughguy000 responds:

Thanks for your input and ideas Serph_Horde

Like Emeril Live on Food channel,

but a mix with sonic the hedgehog.

Pretty funny for a first flash man, keep it up, can't wait to see the ending


I Agree this is alot of crap


CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a begianer can not do that gooder Graphics it was copyed of the internet ALL OF IT *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP* *CRAP*

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Jun 4, 2005
8:27 PM EDT
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