The Zero Project

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Hello all, this is my first submission onto newgrounds, it is half-finished. I need some user input on it though, (aka. Spelling errors that I did not catch, music suggestions, and scene suggestions.) This movie will contain a n extensive fight scene, thats why i would like to know if this is "enough" dioluge introduction into it. Thanks for Voting ^_^


Great job for a first try

For a 1st attempt it was ok, needs lots of work, but its ok

It was ok for a first try

that deserves a fair rating for a 1st attempt at flash. also i gave you a 6 instead of a 5 since you somehow didnt get any 0-s yet (4th of june,2005)

robots,sprite movie,old strange songs....I like it

like Zero mixed with sprite movie and the music keep it up

Pretty ok

Liked the arcade style of the animation, but as was said before the plot seems to simple and i think the overall movie is to short.

Also the choice of music for the middle part seemed unnatural but perhaps thats just my preference, i think a techno/electronica song would have done better for that scene.


im not a big fan of sprite movies...and that didnt help me like them neomore than i did before... it wasnt bad looking at all but y do u send unfinishes stuff to NG. thats the only reason i didnt like it that much.

toughguy000 responds:

I was looking for user input on my flash, i wanted some honest oppinions on what people liked and don't like about it.

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2.09 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2005
8:27 PM EDT
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