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7 Notes in Black

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this is probally around a year old, for those who dont know, I WAS SENORFROG, and my brother is vidian, so this is not stolen. btw, its not good at all :P


So much violence for one little joke.

You have a great animation style, especially with the flowing of the hair and skirt in the wind. The voice of the alien was a little hard to hear, but the music was crisp.

Although there is a punchline to the tragedy depicted here, it is not a humourous one. It was delivered however, delivered with style in the way of a one liner, on to an abrupt ending.

You have a great style; it is a pity that you did not have a different topic. I believe that you have talent; only request that you would use it for good and not ill. If you wanted to make a sad / serious short, understood. IF you wanted to make a funny short, all is well. Mixing the two like that was ... as tragic as the plotline. ;)

SwitchBladeClock responds:

:) thank you for the aswome review, very contructive, thanks :)

right i agree with Judge DJ

sept people arent that stupid...5 bucks? you wrecked the joke with that voice and that punchline...maybe if you hadve shown a suicide case and why she wanted to comit suicide...and theoretically ...we fall head first...and backwards
as most people cannot face suicide so they do it backwards

SwitchBladeClock responds:

incase you havent noticed, not alot of flashes are realistic


im smiling as i even write this review.. ROFL 5 bucks.. so little money thats what makes it hilarious, and the people who actually do this are retarded not to tell anyone whats wrong with them..


SwitchBladeClock responds:

lol, thx, glad you liked it :)

Thats sucks!

Wierd thing is... I make Flashes better than that and if you ask me there was totally no point to it at all!!! THE ENDING JUST SUCKS! Dont you have feeling for people who go around atually doing that! I cant believe that got a HIGH score! OMFG!!!
Take a look at my FlashMonday. i cant help thinking this is a total rip off of it!!!!

SwitchBladeClock responds:

yes, becuase YOU invented the way of suicide by junping off a buliding, and mine has no point at all?? bullying is animated with paintbrush stick arms and legs, monday is bassically the same, except no "bullies" and you say dont i have feelings for people that actually go around jumping off buildings for five dollars, then morphs into water??????!??!?! like wtf dude. its a flash to make people laugh, and its not a terribly high score. and again on the "you have no feelings part" are you gonna say tom fulp, the CREATOR of the site has no feelings for making flashes about clubbing the shit out of seals, or beating old people up, or other sick stuff he made. this is NEWGROUNDS, being from 2003 i would think you know there is gonnabe some sick humor here.

and btw, this movie was made before july, the date yours was made.


That was AWESOME! The graphics were very nicely done, the music fitted alright, and the end was hilarious! My friend and I have an inside joke about 5bucks, one night he was like, "hey, ill sell you this game(pulls out sweet ps2 game[forget what it was])... for FIVE BUCKS!", and from that night forward we always say, "hey maybe we can buy that, for FIVE BUCKS!" or something around that. Good movie!

SwitchBladeClock responds:

haha, ya, alot of stuff i make my movies from are inside jokes from me and my friends, for example, if you got time, go watch "Inside My Head" its about last year when we always baught a pie everyday, then one day he was like "Pie is good" and i said "I know, that is why i eat it" i know it sounds retareded, but just watch if you got time, lol

im glad you liked it!

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Jun 4, 2005
7:55 PM EDT