7 Notes in Black

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this is probally around a year old, for those who dont know, I WAS SENORFROG, and my brother is vidian, so this is not stolen. btw, its not good at all :P


Mixed paradigms

Mixed reviews eh? Nice work. Always good to see a flash divide opinion.

This was a good flash overall, particularly liked the way you handled the serious and comic side. Graphics and sound were good and created a serious atmosphere in the first bit and the 'clock' voice for a punchline never fails to amuse. Good job!

SwitchBladeClock responds:

thx for the good review :)

What... the?

Heh, and this is at 3.30... Geez.

SwitchBladeClock responds:

ya, lol i think its a bit overrated to

that was okay.......

it was decent for me, really. also, as people say the ending was funny, i dunno, kinda the entire mood of the whole thing. i'll scratch that from affecting my score though, so nice job. peace.

SwitchBladeClock responds:

thx,glad you liked it:)


that was a surprise... very funny! never expected it! you make it seem significant, what with the note and all, thinking it has some big meaning, and then you go and make it turn out that she did it for 5 bucks! hilarious :p

SwitchBladeClock responds:

glad you liked it :)

((( GOOD )))

Its a very sad story but the end just makes you relize its quite funny haha...

I like your drawings but they needed to be a bit more clearer and smoother but its still drawn pretty good, i like the sad, and creepy music you play with this is game it more feeling, i also like the end the best because i was not expecting that heh...


SwitchBladeClock responds:

thx, glad you liked it! :)

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3.48 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2005
7:55 PM EDT