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See how long you can fly the Tankopter for. If your score qualifies, post your high score to show the world that your a top Tankopter player!


Its okay but could need some work.

I think in the next game you should work on your random generation and also fix the thing when the cave starts getting narrow around 1200 and one obstacle will completely block the path. Good idea for a create your own ship in V2. Ill make sure to play it when it comes out. You could also make like a battle mode like the game balloon fight, but with bullets.

It could use some work

It's not that this was a bad game, it's just that it needs some polish and something new. If you bring this game back with some nicer graphics, and maybe some different game elements to the mix, it will probably get a bet review. Unfortunately, it seems unfinished, so people have to nay say. I do believe you can turn this into a damn fine game.

d2312564 responds:


Thanks for the review!

There is a Tankopter V2 in the works. It will feature a story mode, create your own ship, multiplayer mode (play against someone else in the same room, to see who can make it further), and completley redone graphics.

We'd love to hear your suggestions for Tankopter V2. It would be awesome if you could come to the OFG Forum (http://www.orangefoxgames.com/forum/) and let us know what you'd like to see included.



fun, but not very original. its the only one of its kind that lets you shoots bullets as i have seen

Im sorry.

Try making graphics in something other than M$ Paint. Also, the sounds are repetitive, try having 5 similar sounds, one of which is randomly seleted to be played. (Boo Hoo I took the idea from Half-Life 2.) Also, It is simply unoriginal. Im sorry, Helicopter/tunnel games have been redone by everyone forever. If you can't make it exceptional, wait until you can to promote it. Im not trying to yell at you or anything, im speaking in a calm sensible tone that explains why I dislike your product, rather than screaming at you that "It sucks a big sack" as so many other kind reviewers have put it.

d2312564 responds:

Where the hell are all of your games? I'm looking... ... Wait, I don't see any. Go do your stupid computer repair instead of giving games that you know are better than anything you can ever make bad reveiws. Thanks.



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2.61 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2005
5:06 PM EDT
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