~.:Singing in the Rain:.~

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This is a Short Anim about Singing in the rain, inspired by the cool car ad with the cool music n stuff... yeh


What Can I Say?

Angry Tubby is the most talented animator i have ever worked with, and ive worked with Lulu...and three other people.

You're getting a ten 'cause of the music

I fucking love mint royale, show me, singing in the rain remix and sexist man are the best fucking songs ever, however graphics and sync with music could be better.

awesome! totally wicked!

this was rly funny and i had difficulty controlling my bladder while watching it...

This is cool!

I really like this flash, it is lol funny, but there are 2 things u need to fix:

1. the "stream it!" button does not work and

2. when he gets shocked, there is a huge lip sync problem. Wacth the online version for urself and u will see.

Angry-Tubby responds:

Uh yea i know, but I have no idea why. Stange. If I fix that, I'll let you know. and who needs a stream it button anyhow?


This is a cool animation, Singing in the Rain is cool. I like it! Nice one.


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2.74 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2005
9:29 AM EDT
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