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EDIT: Wow! I made this animation like 2 years ago and now it's on the front page! Thanks guys!
Ok, so after a whole day trying to figure out how to get the sound back in sync I have figured it out and it's here. My cousin did the voice of the guy to the left and I did the guy to the right. All animation was done by me. Hopefully this will be the second submission that passes on Newgrounds by me.

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Haha. I actually rememeber watching this a long time ago. It was hilarious back then, and it still is! The first time the guy makes that sound it cracks me up, and then it just spirals completely out of control. You gotta sympathize with him at the end though, chewing sound all around, lmao. Nice work!


I remember

this being in the treasure hunt way back. The world bubblegum got stuck in my head and I just felt like re watching this again.

Its just that its pure humor, this shows that if you have a good idea you dont need to be super tight on your animation (like some animations rely on to get their views). Great work this has a nice place in my favourites.


At first it was to quiet to hear.


wats more 2 say?


that was hillarious. it reminds me of me and my cousin and how we used to hang out a lot. yea.....great work!