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Author Comments

Time Taken: 15 minutes
People Pissed Off: 150
People That Wrote Bad Reviews Because they are in the syndicate: 29
People who are gay that wrote reviews 29
Score Before SS saw this: 2.40
Score After SS saw this: 1.85
Conclusion: SS is pissed , Mission Accomplished

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Fuck the SS whores and the rest of the pathetic spam crews.


grow some pubes boy-o

- BunnehClawk <3

You are god himself.

I cannot agree with you anymore than I already do.

Star Syndicate = Perverted childlike whores who have an entire army of "fans" who vote high on their movies because of their reputation, not their flash skills.

Clocks = A bunch of people who do the same boring shit over and over, spamming the Newgrounds portal to the point where good flash cartoonists can't submit their stuff.

Locks = A big copy of Clocks, who do the same thing as the Clocks.

Glocks = See above.

Death to them all!

I never looked so pretty in my life...

I want to have your babies Mr. B1ackHeart ok


I loved it