Silhouette Bob: Dianetics

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I didn't name this one "Episode 2" as I originally planned because I didn't want people to think it was a continuation of episode one. They are separate stories, just the with same character. This one is a bit longer.

As for the music, its my evil plan to destroy your eardrums. The first one was better.


Your'e Messing with our religion!!!

Dare saying it on dianetics and Hubbard's life production!
Dianetics isn't what you say, and can help you along your way to gain true inner peace with a simple way of removing painful events you had in life! How dare you to bash that fantastic religion!


not bad of a movie, was interesting, but the artwork needs some detailing, and that music, i dont know if that fits all that well on this film, but hey thats just me...

This doesn't live up to the first.

I saw Ep. 1 when it first came out. I loved it!
This...made me cry. YOur graphics were dry. If I heard another note of that mind-numbing music I would grap my nuts, saw them off, and the pain would cause me to pass out, so I live that much less time hearing the tearing, ear-splitting, knuckle cracking, tap-dancing P.O.S. music.
No style or interactivity. Little humor.
There was little violence, but that's not bad.


The music sucked ass but you know it...and it kinda goes with the story...kinda...
I will definetly be checking out the first one..

Apparently I didn't review it...

Well here's what I have to say...
It was good and the personification of scientology, should it ever exist, can suck my dog's cock... YAY!

ok bye bye, have a nice day and ... moo!

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2.80 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2001
10:44 AM EDT
Comedy - Original