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A cry for video portal-3D

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A short 3D Utilising mostly particle systems.

Accompanied by my feeble shout of "VIDEO PORTAL!!!!"

I mean come-on, would be no different from flash portal. Maybe the judgement score could be higher if the filesize is higher, removing large spam.
I know a bunch of you will probably reply saying some stupid bullshit about filesize and what not, but 5 megs of compressed video is a whole lot longer than 5 megs of flash imported video. Newgrounds would actually be saving space by removing the need for people to submit thier video in flash form!

I can't think of any drawbacks.

BTW; Made using 3Ds max, and flash (only from necessity >:( !)

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dud...its nice...did u do this with flash?!...u can make it better...add some story and more longer play...itll get very popular...


People are so enveloped in graphics today, that they miss the point. People do this kind of thing to express themselves in an artistic medium. All people care about nowadays is fancy visuals, they don't care about quality, but I do. I'd give is a zero, but I'm in a good mood today.

Chrispington responds:

so you are the almighty judge of what is and is not "the point"?

Fuck off.

good job

graphicly it was really really good but, (and im no expert)i think the body wouldnt fly to the side suddenly like that and would fly to the side oppiset to where the missle came from but agin i may be worng. i just found that weird.
oh and for the portal thing i agree i realy would like to see a portal just for that.

Chrispington responds:

It flew to the side because the missile stack on the back of the truck explodes.


supa kool