Bunbun Island fun

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a while ago I submitted a bunsh of bunbun cartoons, this is the fist one to become an animation, I hope to do soem more in the future but now my wrist ik really hurting, so I should keep it down for a bit. hope you like it.

music is done by Bart van Oort



i like it, its kinda funny..though a tad short but whatever dude i like it still though


This just goes to show you that simplicity can deliver. With a basic design, the lead character meshes very well with the basic background and island. The idea is very simple and seems all to familar - when a bunny is on an island, he sees a carrot in the ground and decides to fulfill his hunger. What can go wrong? :) As I said before, the simplistic looks works quite well, I love the drab colors instead of the normal bright use of colors for movies with a "tropical" setting. Bunbun seems like a funny and interesting enough character to carry a series. Good luck on your work to come, I will be on the look out.


Illumatie responds:

thanx for this constructive feedback, and thanx fot 'understanding' the shades of gray.

lmao,genius idea.

That would really suck to be a rabbit on a small island and you see a carrot and you pick it up and the island sinks,thats really funny indeed,a real great short,keep up the good work. ^_^

lol a bit random

gud flash but its a bit random wunt ya se?? lol eni way its mint, even in its simplicity

((( CUTE )))

This is a cute little flash but it could have had more detail and shading, i like the comedy in this flash very much and the way you drew the bunny was original. The music was cute, and went well with this. It was nice to watch...


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Jun 2, 2005
9:18 AM EDT
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