Return of the Hunter

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Hey Everyone!
I'm back, and kicking more ass then ever. Ive been away for a really long time and just got back from vacation. I havent submitted much because ive been trying to perfect my skills at animation, and these are the results. Its kind of a crappy sequal to the HunterKiller Rampage series (only seen on Newgrounds.... cuz they suck :P) Anways, basically i was trying to test my particle skills, fight scene coriographing skills, and smoothness skills. Enjoy Everyone!

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very good!

I'm trying to hoan my skills on animation and I'm using a program called pivot, it uses stickfigure too, thanks for the awesome video, very good, I know it was a bit short but I realize how long it would take to make a video like that over a month, very good!

((( TOO SHORT )))

This was actually a very good flash and even with sticks, but really nice on the battle scenes and even went to close up shots with good detail which was another nice touch, but it was very short, if it was longer and moved into other areas of the land it might be more entertaining and such, nice job though...



Nicely done mate...could use a little work on that punch but meh, Good Job XD

awesome indeed

i like the style of the fighting pretty cool.And also how supernatural like he is.it was pretty funny how you showed a walnut in the cracker things to picture how he messed up that guy's nuts pretty bad keep it up make some more awesome stuff
I think everybody perfers humor the best
dont make crap and keep it up


man you rock thats so smooth, good music, nice blood and its not just a bunch of simple punches its fancy stabbing and round-house kicks and crap. You should learn AS or team up with a scripter. use your animating skillz and make some games like this prefferbaly something like urbanslug at puffgames(dot)com but anyway that movie pwns bigtime.

hunterkiller77 responds:

wow, i just might do that. thanx for the advice! and glad you liked the movie too!

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3.53 / 5.00

May 31, 2005
11:14 PM EDT
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