Keep on Rollin

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Guide the ball through 20 stages. Some stages you roll, some stages you fly, some stages you fall, and others you pick up stuff. Have fun!

Oh yeah just to make sure anyone knows. This game is VERY HARD at some parts. But everything is possible to complete :)

For the people who complain about the games difficulty just remember NES games before you could save every 5 minutes. Where games actually required "skill".


GAH!! Brain Freeze! @_@

This is a very addicting game.
Having the ball as the hero is good, but its not good having to deal with very difficult obstacles, katana wielding sticks, wall sensitive helicopter levels and ironic deaths @_@. And thats what makes this game so damn funny! ^_^

You get an 8 dude.. but i hoping there will be a sequel for this game! :D

Soo fun!!

Hilarious, clever, outrageous, zany, orginal, intelligent, fun, addictive, great, fabulous, mahgnificent err thats all the words I can think of. Bloody Brilliant. keep up the good work mate


This game was very fun, and somewhat addictive, i love the ball and its response to the keyboard, the different things in the game was fun like killing of the sticks and differnt goals to get over very fun, you could use some backrounds though...


Skill my friend?

I do understand what your saying about this requiring skill... and i did make it all the way to the boss... but that is where skill ends and luck is required. Not only was it frustrating all the way there because of the lack of hints on what to do, but the boss has an invisible wall in front of the right side. I sat there bouncing up and down after knocking out the left wall and i ended up getting one hit on it. I was sitting there for about a minute and ended up just being hit by a missle. And if you think that finding the opening in the invisible wall takes skill... it doesn't. It takes time and patience. Surely I don't need to tell you how unbelievably agrivated i am with the game. That being said it was a decent game. Just make the objectives a little more clear and don't make the boss practically invincible.

great game!

very nice game, one of the best i've ever played. but, no matter how hard i try, i cant get past the part where your falling, i can NOT get past where it wants to you go left then right, i keep on smashing into the last brick. =(

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4.11 / 5.00

May 31, 2005
8:20 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle