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SS Time Trials 10

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Hello there Newgroundites!

Today we present to you the 10th edition of Star Syndicate Time Trials. We have some excellent works for you to enjoy, such as the sextacular random extravaganza by Aubergine Lock, and the adventures of Zero as he tries to defeat the Mavericks, by myself.


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Wow, I had not realized that in a part of this (at the beginning) it has a part of the lost collaboration that was eliminated in NG in 2009, which was a music video of Linkin Park, which is why a collaboration is cast by the syndicate star, and I think he is the only lost of the syndicate star, apparently, it has been the second lost collaboration of NG!!!

((( DECENT )))

Funny and nice job on mixing the different images abit odd though...

Sigh i dont know what to think but it was very bazzar...

Ha ok it was ok the end was odd though...

Hmmm very pink...

Very nice artwork at the start and the end more strangeness...



honestly get new material
take pride in your work (i am trying to tell you to make it better politely)
and refine your technique.
I dont care if the content sucks for the most part (which most of yours have) but i would prefer the presentation to at least be par

You know what I like about you guys?

You always give me new reasons to hate you. Yea, I know, that's what you guys are trying to do, but it'd just be nice if you'd learn to try. There's gotta come a point in which you lose that rush you get having your friends pass your flash that would normally be blammed within the first 100 votes. Cheating is only fun for so long.


dude that was coolness on a stick. what was the pink screen? it was cool anyway though. like aweseomeness to the power of 12