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This is my old game from 2005. Please go to http://josh-tamugaia.newgrounds.com/games/ to see NEW TAMUGAIA GAMES!!!

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So, Are you a Star Wars lightsaber battle, Jedi Knight and Sith Lord fan? If you are, then play Sabermania as a Flash Samurai!!
1. This game was made in 2005 using a primitive version of Flash
2. You definitely have to go through the tutorial and practice before playing against the computer.
4. TIPS HERE... Click

Set in the near future. After watching Star Wars, the light saber concept became so popular that manufacturers start developing flashsabers and lightsabers. A new sport (like Kendo) emerged, involving saber fights using flashsabers and lightsabers. That sport is called Sabermania!!
The Sabermania arena is surrounded by an aura of darkness. Can you stop the darkness from shrouding Earth?

As always, please do not review with a rating of all zeros. Even if you don't like it, it still has graphics, animation, violence, sound and stuff... right?


-- Here I'd like to explain about the saber defense mode. Some of you are asking why the saber is reversed when you hit Z. Well, if you watch enough Star Wars, that's how they block during battle. Well, not all of the time but it's sort of done that way.


-- Some find this game very easy and some find it very hard. So here is a tip from the creator. Hold down Z most of the time and wait for the opponent to attack, then slowly move your saber to touch his/her saber. Then, with lightspeed, release Z and press X, then SLASH!!


I think the graphics are fairly decent, but for the most part, not that memorable. I guess it might be because I'm no good at this game. Then again, when I first played it, I did get pretty far. I managed to cause enough damage to just need one more blow to finish off my opponent. I always failed, but I got that far. I've become rusty over the years.

Lightsabers are so popular, you don't even have to limit them to Star Wars related things. That's how popular that is. You could have had the help part on the actual menu. Then again, you do have a tutorial there. It also describes it in the author's comments.

Cool game.5 stars

this is star wars the battle for earth

josh-tamugaia responds:

I'll drink to that!

I found it be be kind of hard to control, at first. But once you get used to it, it be comes an amazing game.

Beat it on the easiest difficulty. I dare not try it any harder.

Here's a tip: hold down the mouse button so you don't have to worry about the mouse leaving the game window.

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3.73 / 5.00

May 31, 2005
12:59 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS