Helge meets Jesus

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Helge is being a smart-ass, copying Jesus' moves. Jesus, however, has a trick up his sleeve...

Warning: This might insult your religious conviction, watch at own risk.

Also, we realize that our rendition of Jesus might not match your personal mental projection of what he (would) look(ed) like.

PS: No, we are not French, but French girls made us take interest in the language :)


Nice Flash!

good 1, keep these coming and soon u be able to make top notch flashes!


Nice flash! Keep on doing flashes like this one!

je suis spaghetti en oui

It was apretty good. I thought you could have had more happen though. It would be good if you had him get crucified and Helge is still copying him :D
An idea for episode 2 maybe?

Oddy responds:

Hehe, yeah! To be honest, we've acctually thought about just that and do plan to make a series of this ^^;


well im not gonna be a bastard and just blam this. it was a good idea.the animation was bad though and jesus was a guy in a potato sack with a bowl hair cut you should have made it look more like "normal" jesus. well it has room for improvment . it gets a vote of 2

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i liked it...

I can't give it a higher score, because honestly, it wasn't that funny to me. Sorry. How about a longer version with maybe a bit more slapstick...? Also, it seems to confuse those who can't read the page before they actually load the video, so a bit of background before the main movie couldn't hurt. Great music and graphics.

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1.38 / 5.00

May 31, 2005
4:30 AM EDT
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