Kill Bob VOL 2

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It's a parody to Kill Bill (the movie directed by Tarantino).
Enjoy it and thank for watching.


A good sequel to the first

I saw the first Kill Bob I thought it was good and this one doesn't let down. Still I agree your animation needs work on but I noticed way late into the film it starts to get better, keep up on it. Had to give you a low style because it was a parody but gave you a point up for the ending that took me by surprise! Awesome work hope you make more dont let all these others let you down.


I'd have to agree with the other reviewers that this movie isn't very original. The artwork is good and you have a lot of quality experience in flash, however.

Highly overrated

I'll be honest; I think your style sucks ass. It's got this wierd "trying to be good but sucks" flavor to it. The lighting on the faces was just all wrong, the colors were terrible. The way you drew the characters was not right, it didn't look good at all. The only really good parts of the graphics were the FBF stuff where he changes position during the fight scenes. If you can do stuff like that, why is so much shitty tweening going on in the rest of the flash? All the DBZ stuff and anime styles were incredibly lame too. Way overdone.
The sound design was the lowlight though. So many sounds were out of place or way too loud, like those swish noises, or the horrendous laughing sounds.
The story sucked as well. I mean if your going to do a Kill Bill parody, you need to stick to Kill Bill a little better. It looks to me like you just took a few parts of Kill Bill's story, applied a bunch of gay DBZ anime styles to them, and made some lame jokes to go along with it. And truly, the jokes were not funny at all.

Change your style, use more FBF, and make up an original plot for your next flash.


You need to work on your animation and stop rotoscoping. I don't know why this has almost a four. The fight scenes were stupid and without originality, the animation (when not traced) was choppy, and the characters and drawings were simple, and, in the case of the hands, jotted off. The humor wasn't funny, and was mostly made up of overused anime facial expressions anyways. Keep working at flash, and later on I hope to see a good, ORIGINAL, submission from you.

So thats the end? or will ther be a sequel?

Im just gonna ask you this are you gonna make a sequel?

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3.68 / 5.00

May 30, 2005
10:23 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 31, 2005