Stinkoman Vs Bob

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This is a fight between Stinkoman from homestarrunner.com and Slaphead entertainments Bob, the basic story is that Bob thinks Stinkoman has committed a crime and wants to take Stinkoman in for questioning, but Stinkoman thinks its a challenge. if people like it i will make a longer number 2!



That was okay......I guess......

Waste of time.

Eh, sorry, I'm going to have to say that you should probably consider a new hobby. Let me give you the run down:

If it's not funny, it should have some sort of plot, theme, moral, or other message.

If it doesn't have any of those, it should be funny.

This does not have any funny, and the few threads of "storyline" that weave through this movie do not even begin to form a plot. Furthermore, using well-known characters and ripoffs of well-known characters does not guarantee that your movie is going to be great. As we can plainly see in this case, and in many cases, it actually makes the movie suck. Badly.

Also, you should be ashamed of yourself for responding to reviews in the way you have. Firstly, you make yourself appear to be a complete idiotical jerk with no manners or education beyond second grade. You can't spell, and you flame everyone and anything who even finds one little piece of information wrong with your video. Stop being so thin-skinned and learn how to deal with criticism before you post anything on the internet.

Don't even bother replying to this, because you're not going to change my mind, you're not going to make yourself look any better by flaming me as you have done to previous critics, and I'm not going to read it anyway. I just hope that perhaps my words inspire you to either get your head out of your butt or take your arrogance someplace else.

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The-Chudabadoonga responds:

hahaha, this coming from someone who calls themself catbread? really, how much time do you have, this review is far to long, and you're only saying one thing, you don't like me or my flash. And you probably think i can't spell because I'm from Australia, and our spelling is different to yours genius, oh, aren't so smart now are you, and I dont think its humanly possible for one person to have their head in their butt. And if I had an education that isn't beyond second grade, how am I able to know what you meant when you typed this crap? ohhh, whats it like having an IQ thats losing in a race with your age? You are only a level 1, and haven't even made any flashes of your own, so you aren't really one to talk. When you make a better flash than mine, then you may abuse other people about their flashes. And I do admit, it has no story as of yet, did you not see the to be continued at the end of the Flash? thats what a lot of movies do, they have a buiold up at the start of the series, and then tell a story a bit later on, but then again, you're only a level 1 so you wouldn't know too much. And I only responded fairly to the reviews, if you read them properly, and with that, I say good day

Prooty good.

I was expecting more Stinkoman K-ish comedy. B+.

The-Chudabadoonga responds:

hahaha, prooty? lol good stuff, thanks for the review

Giant Homestar! (?)

While the giant Homestar foot at the end made me go WOAH!- awesome, I felt the audio could have used some work. Otherwise, great movie.
Today is alright for tonight!
-> S

The-Chudabadoonga responds:

oh, it was meant to be like, a giant robot stinkoman foot, like he transformed in to, DUN DUN DUUNN A giant robot thing, but yeh, thanks for the review


It's been a while since I've seen a Homestar Runner Parody. You would make Mat & Mike proud like Coach Z is for being a Mom.

The-Chudabadoonga responds:

see, now this guy knows what hes talking about, you're a champion j_club, thanks for the review

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May 30, 2005
7:37 AM EDT
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